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"Who Run The World?" (International Women's Empowerment Project)

"Who Run The World? GIRLS" is an international empowerment initiative created by Black CHEFS Collective, featuring talented Black female food professionals and creatives from around the World.

" Who Run The World? GIRLS!" was Black CHEFS Collective first ever international collaborative video effort and features talented female food professionals/creatives from around the world.

Talented female food creatives and professionals enjoyed coming together to create the fun video. The video project was designed by the Black CHEFS Collective team to highlight and promote the incredible talent that the Black female food community has to offer as well as provide an enegertic and motivational boost for women everywhere!

The backing song of choice for this project is 'Who Run The World? (Girls)" by the talented Beyonce.

'I was one of the co-ordinators on this project and helped with editing the final video. When we decided to create this project we wanted to choose a song that makes women everywhere feel uplifted and powerful! This song does exactly that! We all had such an amazing time working on this and the song kept us all pumped and motivated!!' - Cee

Check out the project below!

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