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Women and Girl's Community Event and Gifting (Uganda)

Black CHEFS Collective enjoyed engaging in empowerment work and outreach for locals in Kampala, Uganda.

Black CHEFS Collectiive connected with Street Fam Foundation Uganda to provide the women and girls of a local community in Kampala, Uganda with lifestyle essentials and empowering gifts. It was a day of celebration consisting of a dance competition for the children, a dance showcase performance, and the distribution of the gifts and essentials. All attending locals enjoyed snacks, fruits and drinks.

Lifestyle essentials provided included sanitary and general hygiene products, clothes, educational books for children, baby items and dental products. Empowering gifts for the girls included Black barbie dolls with afro-kinky hair and a children's publication with a prominent Black lead.

The process

Black CHEFS Collective worked closely with local community leader Hudson, to design a celebration fit to inspire all who attended. We worked collaboratively to create a database of which types of essentials were needed and which gifts would be fun yet also educational and uplifting for the girls.


"The entire event was truly inspiring! It really was a celebration to remember" - Tola, Black CHEFS Collective
"It was such a beautiful day full of joy and communtiy spirit. I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved connecting with the locals." - Cee, Black CHEFS Collective

(Video recap coming soon)

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