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Work Smart. Play Hard (International Men's Mental Health Project)

Work Smart. Play Hard is an international Mental Health Awareness video campaign created by Black CHEFS Collective, featuring talented Black male food professionals and creatives from around the World.

Work Smart. Play Hard is Black CHEFS Collective's 2nd international collaborative video effort and features talented food professionals/creatives from around the world. Participants enjoyed producing content which highlights their personalities, skills and community spirit whilst also shining a light on mental health as it pertains to work and relaxation.

The video project was designed by the Black CHEFS Collective team to raise awareness on mental health and wellbeing, particularly amongst men, and further particularly within the food industry.

  • Trigger warning: The text below discusses heavy topics such as depression

Men and mental health states that men report lower life satisfaction than women and three times as many men than women end their lives. Thankfully, awareness around men's mental health is increasing, however there is still a lot more concreate work to be done.

ManUp and Movember are two organsations which commit to undergoing incredible work on spreading awareness about mens mental health and tackling the harmful stigmas that surround it.

Hospitality and mental health

One in Five Hospitality workers suffer from work-related severe mental health issues and 24% of hospitality workers required medical or psychological help. It is clear that the hospitality industry is in need of urgent reform when it comes to mental health. Not only are working conditions often stressful and tiring, quality free time and relaxation is sadly promoted as much as it should be.

Suitable working conditions as well as good quality recreational/rest time are crucial to maintaining a fulfilled, happy workforce.

'Work Smart. Play Hard' demonstrates male food creatives and professionals in their element, working in ways that are efficient and innovative without inducing burnout or causing stress. This followed by a montage of each individual enjoying their free time and expressing themselves through mediums such as hobbies, fashion and leisure.

'Work Smart. Play Hard' campaign

Black CHEFS Collective is dedicated to campaigning for a better hospitality industry as well as more awareness on mental health and we hope that our 'Work Smart. Play Hard' campaign inspires businesses and individuals alike to understand and promote the value of working smart and playing hard.

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