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Mental Health First Aid Training with Kelly's Cause

Black CHEFS Collective and Kelly's Cause joined forces to provide two Black food creatives with Mental Health First Aid training, complete with certification.

Part of hospitality is providing a welcoming space for both customers/clients and workers. The Royal Society of Public Health UK states that 24% of hospitality workers are in need of medical or psychological support - evidence that our industry would greatly benefit from more awareness and understanding of mental health.

With this in mind, Black CHEFS Collective joined forces with Kelly's Cause to provide two Black food creatives/professionals with invaluable training in Mental Health First Aid, complete with an accredited certificate. Deborah and Joiada from London, UK attended the two-day training course where they vital skills such as identifying signs of a potential mental health crisis and important ways to support others and themselves with mental health.

"The course was interesting! I learnt so much and we received a manual so I can always refer back to that too." - Joiada

"The course went well! Thank you so much. Such a great opportunity!" - Deborah

Kelly's Cause is the only registered charity in the UK providing fully accredited Mental Health First Aid specifically to hospitality workers. The training utilises knowledge on Mental Heath as well as the skills and guidance needed to spot early signs of a mental health crisis and ways in which to act accordingly.

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